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At the Worli Fishing Village, near Mumbai, India.

At the Worli Fishing Village, near Mumbai, India.

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I gained my initial interest in photography through my grandfather. He seemed to possess a plethora of old, highly technical looking cameras, all contained in fancy leather cases. He was a technical illustrator and artist, and produced some wonderful images of local landmarks as well as aircraft through a "History of Flight' painting series he worked on towards his latter years. While I could in no way create he sort of art that he could, I was drawn to the photographic process. In high school I took photography quite seriously, saving up for what seemed liked eons to acquire my first 35mm SLR camera and lens kit. I spent my weekends riding on my bike, camera slung over my shoulders, to various locations around my home city of Melbourne, Australia. My dad would help out by driving me to more distant destinations, arguing with security guards on my behalf when I "crossed the line". A large city residing between beautiful and rugged coastline and dense rain forest, it provided unlimited opportunities to shoot different subject matter.

Zip forward some 20 odd years, and I now reside in Austin, Texas. Photography is still very much near and dear to my heart, and consumes the spare time remaining when my work day is complete and I have spent time with my wife and children. I spend countless hours exploring the Texan countryside, shooting landscapes in all their splendor. I have traveled afar, through Europe, Asia and the Middle East, camera in tow. No matter where you go, there are moments to be captured. Some sad, some amazing, some serene and some turbulent. No matter what confronts me, I enjoy the challenge of capturing "that" moment.

Over the last few years, I have concentrated on sports photography and photojournalism. I have shot for and have had images used by organizations such as:

• Australian Broadcasting Corporation
• CBS News
• Dallas Morning News
• Los Angeles Times
• Metro News U.K.
• Metroseeker
• Motorsport.com
• National Geographic
• National Library of Australia
• Texas Monthly
• Texas Motor Speedway
• Texas Public Radio
• Texas Search and Rescue
• Texas State Library
• Texas Tribune
• Tucson Sentinel
• Viator Travel Guides

If you're looking for a driven, empathetic, organized and skillful photographer for your imaging requirements, please contact me.